Local Vancouver WA State Man Caught Peeing in the Milkshakes at Arby's

Local WA State Man Caught Peeing in Arby's Milkshakes!
Sandie Clarke on Unsplash/Canva

When I heard about this sicko in Vancouver, Washington, who got arrested for peeing in Arby's milkshakes, I was "shooketh", as the kids say.


That is one of the grossest things I've heard of happening inside a fast-food restaurant!

Woman who is disgusted
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His name is Stephen Sharp and he was a manager, I repeat a MANAGER, at a local Arby's over there in that part of the state near the Oregon border. He was apparently being investigated for collecting and then sharing child pornography. Utterly gross. He was being surveillanced and was ultimately caught for doing that, thank goodness.

When detectives, however, did a little digging around in his cell phone videos and pics, they noticed he had filmed himself going #1 inside a mixture that his Arby's location used for making the milkshakes. There are two, count 'em, TWO times he recorded himself doing this. Those are just the two times that they know of.

If he did it twice, he probably did it more times. Blech!!


Vancouver Police are warning the public that if they bought an Arby's milkshake the last two days of October 2021 at the Vancouver location, let them know ASAP.

Stephen Sharp was charged with a plethora of child pornography charges but he was also charged for peeing in the milkshakes! They call that assault in Washington state.

Why in the WORLD did Stephen Sharp do all of these things? I'm chalking this one up to questions that need answering! Please and thank you!

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