The other day I went to Baskin Robbins for some Daiquiri Ice ice cream. It has been my favorite flavor since I was a child. I thought it made me a "grown-up" because here I was a tweenager ordering "daiquiri" flavored things. Boy, was I a nut.

Anywhoo, I said all that to say that I have very peculiar tastes when it comes to ice cream. I hate vanilla ice cream, despise strawberry ice cream, but I do love me anything chocolatey! But one thing I will not tolerate on Tom from Myspace's internet is KETCHUP-flavored ice cream! Nor MAYONNAISE-flavored ice cream!

You might think I am crazy, but mayonnaise and ketchup-flavored ice cream are exactly what Heinz (established 1869) has cooked up on the menu!


If you are like me, you are asking, "What in the heck are they SMOKING over there at Heinz Ketchup Headquarters?!"

The world may never know.

Fortunately, this weird combo of condiments+ice cream is only available in the United Kingdom. They can keep that mess over there, thank you kindly, mate.

Crazy, innit, bruv?

Apparently, pop singer Ed Sheeran is a fan of it. People magazine reports that he even has a TATOO of Heinz ketchup on his body parts. An ice cream shop in Ireland created a ketchup-flavored gelato in his honor.


Heinz is offering Do-It-Yourself Kits to make your own taste-curdling blend of mayo-inspired or ketchup-tasting ice cream.

Excuse me whilst I hurl.

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