How would I describe the perfect croissant? You didn’t ask me, but I'm giving you my two cents. The bottom of the croissant must not be soggy. The salt to flour ratio must be spot on; I like my croissants on the savory side. And most importantly, I need a hint of buttery goodness. Voila!

Who needs Paris when you can just check out one of the best places to get a croissant in Portland! Yelp locals love to chime in on their thoughts for where to go.

If baked, buttery, and flaky pastries are your thing, then you’ll love that Portland is one of the top 50 best cities in America to get a delectable croissant! Source: Traveling Paris

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Portland Named One of USAs Best Croissant Cities

Whether you want a croissant loaded with sweetness (like ones with chocolate) or savory (like croissant sandwiches), there’s something for your particular palette.

Don’t take my word for it, just see what Oregon locals have to say about the top croissants below.

“The BLT on a croissant was a next-level creation.” - Kim A., Gladstone, OR


“The rose croissant is something I've never had and it did not disappoint.” - Steven B., Portland, OR


“Our fave is simple plain croissant-buttery, perfectly flaky, and reminiscent of the best croissant in France.” - Dosia K., Portland, OR


“The chocolate croissant is impeccable.” - Rachel M., Portland, OR


“Saw a TikTok of this place and saved it to try later. WAS. NOT. DISAPPOINTED. Walked up a few minutes after 8 (when they opened) and there was already a line.” - Adam P., Beavercreek, OR

 Now, see which bakeries are the best croissants in Portland in the gallery below!

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