If you're visiting Yakima, WA, you might be looking for recommendations for upscale local places to grab a good cocktail. Why not go where the locals go for the best drinks in town? (And by locals, I mean me!)

Locals know these places below are some of the BEST spots to go for upscale drinks in Yakima! 🍸

Where to Find Upscale Cocktails in Yakima WA

To be sure, there are many great places to get decent cocktails in Yakima. It was kind of hard for me to narrow it down to just five, but somebody had to do it!

I'm not going to give you the Yelp or Trip Advisor version, although they do a fantastic job for recommendations sometimes. You're getting the Reesha version, a.k.a. the INSIDER's list.

I've been around Yakima for quite some time, so I have personal experience in finding the kind of upscale place where I feel welcomed and actually wanted as a customer.

I take special note of places in town where the servers don't treat me like I'm just a number to them, or just another Jane Doe customer at a table they have to serve until they're done with their shift.

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My favorite cocktails at the bars below include spicy pear margaritas, champagne cocktails, flavored Moscow Mules, fruit mojitos, and spicy pineapple whiskey drinks. I'm sensing a pattern here: It seems that I really love my drinks how I like my food: SPICY!



I have a couple of recommendations for cocktail bars in downtown Yakima, one in the West Valley area, and the other bar is located in the Terrace Heights neighborhood.

Depending on where your hotel, bed & breakfast, or Airbnb is located in Yakima, you should have no problem getting a quick (and affordable) Uber or taxi ride to these places.

When you go, just tell 'em Reesha sent you!

The Best 5 Cocktails in Yakima WA [2024]

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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