This one goes out to all my foodies living here in Yakima. I have created the twelve days of a Yakima Foodie's Christmas list filled with delicacies from our most popular eateries. If you asked any local Yakimite what is a popular food to eat in Yakima, they would probably tell you a cheese zombie or an asparagus tamale from Los Hernandez Tamales, but I don't want to stop there. I want to eat up EVERYTHING!

If you are moving to Yakima or thinking about visiting here, there are some foods that every person must try at least once. I ran out of days; I should have made this list the 31 Days of Xmas so that I could fit some of my favorite honorable mentions* on this list below.

🎵🎵On the twelfth day of Yakima Foodie Xmas, my tummy said to me...fill me up with all of these treats!🎵🎵

My honorable mentions include: Turkey sub from Sub Shops of Yakima, Strawberry & Whipped Cream waffles from Waffles Cafe, Salmon Teriyaki dinner at New York Teriyaki, Chocolate Croissants from Essencia Bakery (I just got reminded of how much I am in love with those!), and the Shrimp Po Boy sandwich at Twisted Sisters Creations!

Are ya hungry yet, because I sure as heck am!

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