If you don't like pizza that's fine but you're wrong and just haven't found the right place to get your pizza. So we've taken it upon ourselves to deliver you the best pizzas in Yakima.

Whether you love pepperoni and mushrooms or Canadian bacon and pineapples these spots have the perfect pie just waiting for you.

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Tony's Big Cheese Pizza Located on Nob Hill

Right off of Nob Hill next to the Safeway this spot has the best deal around, giving you cheap deals on delicious pizza close to little Cesar prices, better yet it's local and made by locals. Their Large Pizzas are only around $10 and worth it in every bite!

Gus's Pizza at Sportscenter On Yakima Ave

One of the hottest bars in Yakima also has one of the best pizzas around, Gus's Pizza is a perfect ten, from the crust all the way to its toppings, everything is freshly made to order and every bite is stacked with flavor from the sauce, cheese and toppings. By the time you run out you'll be on the phone ordering another one, so why not get two?

Abby's Legendary Pizza Located on Tieton

All pizzas are made local and fresh, along with a bunch of different combinations to try like their latest for most pizza. Four different pizzas are made into one so you can try each one of their famous pizzas! Have a birthday party or gathering at their locations. They have some amazing deals to go along with their amazingly tasty pizzas!

Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta Located on 1st Ste

Get a real taste of Italian food, either with a pizza or some of the best pasta you can find in the Yakima Valley. This family-owned restaurant offers some of the best prices and food you can find when it comes to a deliciously baked Pizza.


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