Ag News: Pizza Day in U.S.
When we celebrated National Cheese Pizza Day, the dairy farmers seen a large spike in Cheese sales. Cheese consumption increased by more than 40% since 1995!
Jumped the Shark
You can't miss Sharky's Pizza in Yakima with its bright blue building on Lincoln Avenue and a unique pizza variety ranging from the popular Mac 'n' Cheese pizza to more traditional styles. Unfortunately, they suddenly shut their doors for what could be the last time...
Pizza Toppings I Like, But Most People Don't
Pizza is something I need to eat at least once a month. I cannot afford it all of the time, so once a month has to do. I cannot wait for that day. I love all kinds of toppings on my pizza. I like the normal pepperoni and cheese. Who doesn't love a all meat pizza? But what about those crazy topp…

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