My friend, Michelle The Closet Consultant, sent me a message on Instagram asking if I wanted to schedule a closet consultation.

I was like, a closet what?

Look, I usually wear the same pair of jeans and t-shirts to work, grocery shopping, playdates, and running everyday errands, but secretly, I yearn to return to the days before I had a child when I always wore dresses, skirts and dress slacks with pretty blouses. My radio job doesn't require a lot of dressing up, but I still have some really pretty dresses and blouses in my closet that I want to wear. I came to slay!

Michelle says that women of all ages, sizes and shapes need to feel beautiful and her goal is the help every woman feel amazing and confident! She says "The goal is to create a wardrobe that will inspire you to put your best foot forward everyday!" Okayyy, sis! I believe in everything you just said. SIGN! ME! UP!

Michelle came over to my apartment for the consultation, which made me feel instantly comfortable and prevented me from getting stressed out (which I am wont to do). She had me select at least five pieces from my wardrobe that I love but don't really wear that much. Next, Michelle studied the pieces carefully. (That's when I called her "The Clothes Whisperer".) Then, she made some notes in her "closet journal" to document what items I need to add to complete my basic wardrobe. (She reminded me of how a psychiatrist scribbles notes about you when you sit down and talk during a therapy session; I wanted to take a peek at her notes!)

I interrupted Michelle from her note-taking to let her know not to get crazy and start writing down a bunch of things for me to add to my closet because I had just discarded a ton of old clothes and accessories so that I can live a life of minimalism. I am not looking to go shopping for a whole bunch of new clothes! She reassured me that she was only writing down a few basic items I need to give my new outfits the "polished" look I'm going for.

Next, we took some clothes that I had sitting on a hanging shelf in my closet and Michelle gave me a ton of suggestions on new ways to wear them. She had me try on each new outfit that she created from my clothes and then we took a picture of me in them. The closet consultant will now do all clothes, shoes and accessories shopping FOR me, so in a way, it's like I now have my own personal shopper! Since Michelle knows I have a limited budget and limited time for shopping, she will do all of that for me! And the best part is that she will be looking through all the clearance racks to find the right size and colors that I need. What a time saver!

I give Closet Consultants two big THUMBS UP! I had a three hour consultation and by the time Michelle left my apartment, I felt like I had just gone on a huge shopping spree! I highly recommend you get yourself a Closet Consultant to change the way you wear the clothes in your wardrobe and help you feel like a million bucks at work! I also felt the weight lifted from that "doom and gloom" feeling I've had toward my unorganized closet! I feel like a whole new woman!

If you want to try out a Closet Consultant, you will pay around $100-190 for the initial consultation (price will vary according to how long of a session you choose). The consultation includes a look through the pieces in your wardrobe that you would like to wear more often but have trouble After your initial consultation, the closet consultant will do all the shopping for you, using the money you have supplied for your clothes budget. A Closet Consultant knows how to make your money stretch, so even if you only have $20 or $50 dollars you can start from there to get the basic essential pieces you need to add to your wardrobe.

Here's a photo gallery of the pics we took of my "new" outfits. Please do not look at my hair, makeup or posture because I wasn't planning on showing these photos to anyone else! I decided to share them to show the impact of Michelle's closet consulting skills. How she created all these outfits out of my mound of clothes, I will never know! :)

Michelle The Closet Consultant

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