Today is National Underwear Day, which brings me to ask today's poll question: DO YOU WEAR UNDERWEAR?

I ask that because it seems that more and more of my girlfriends are admitting to not wearing any "drawls", as the old folks used to call them back in my Tennessee hometown.

There are only two words to describe this phenomenon of going panty-free: GOING COMMANDO!

There are so many names for underwear: underwear, draws, drawls, chonies, bloomers, knickers, knickerbottoms...Does this mean that the New York Knicks are named after pannies? Is "Knicks" short for knickerbottoms? Hmm, inquiring minds really wanna know!

I am not even sure they are worth wearing anymore now that most people are working from home in their pajamas.

That leads me to ask another probing and intimate question: Are guys wearing boxers anymore? Boxer briefs, anyone? You don't really need to wear any chonies underneath your tight yoga pants, amirite fellas?

I am old enough to recall a recent headline that Victoria Secret was closing down a lot of stores across the country due to falling sales because of COVID-19 shut downs. I personally think now would be a great time for panty stores to host fabulous sales on those kinky knickers (grandma panties, too)!

A couple of months before the coronavirus quarantine started, I bought a 3-pair set of very comfortable and relaxing bloomers on sale at a department store. They are the most comfortable things I've ever worn and I wish that I could remember the name brand! I want to buy some more of them! (I guess I should just look on the inside label, HELLO!

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