If you, like me, have been impatiently waiting for Yakima to finally have Black Panther movie tickets for sale online, the wait is finally over!

Yakima Theatres has officially opened up their online advanced ticket sales for the opening weekend of Black Panther, which is this Friday, February 16th*.

If you don't know the story behind the Marvel comic book hero of the Black Panther, here's my quick synopsis:

*looks around*

Sorry, I have no idea what Black Panther is about, other than dude is from a fictional African country of Wakanda, there's flying machines, badass ladies are running things, and the graphics look sick (the good kind of 'sick'), the much-anticipated soundtrack featuring Kendrick Lamar is bumping, and Michael B. Jordan looks finer than a mug!

Do I need to know anything more? I think not.

TWO scenes at the end of the credits. I've purchased my ticket (finally) so I have to do whatever it takes to avoid all the Black Panther movie spoilers on social media timelines between now and next Monday.

*You can buy your Black Panther movie tickets for the day and time of your choice by clicking here.