"The hoarders are back! The hoarders are back!" - Pauleesha Revere


This is getting ridiculous! It is becoming hard to find a plethora of goods in the Yakima Valley due to not only shipping delays because of the pandemic; we can add hoarding to the list. Last month, we explored several things we expect to go flying off the shelves this fall due to greedy folks snatching up more than one of the things like toilet paper rolls, yeast, bottles of water, and room heaters. We were right about the gasoline shortages, sadly. Here are five more items we think you can add to the list!


It's officially fall season, and when the crisper weather (and my sinuses) start acting funny, people start stocking up their freezers, second freezers, and in some cases out in Gleed, their porch freezers, too. They can't just load up in bulk at Costco and Winco, no! They head to the regular groceries to gobble up all of the things!

Look at this guy: he's hoarding Monster energy drinks, the nerve!

In the checkout line at the grocery store.
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Aargh. Here you go, five more things you might not find soon.



We've been hearing for a few months that come this Thanksgiving we will have a shortage of turkeys for dinner. Our friends across the pond have already started "panic buying" turkeys. If you want a turkey weighing less than 20 lbs, Good Housekeeping magazine says we'll see a shortage because families aren't traveling as much during the holidays, which means shoppers aren't buying as many large turkeys.

Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving
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Exporting experts are saying we are in the midst of a global shortage of coffee. Those people have apparently never seen Aisle 9 at the Yakima Supercenter on E. Chestnut Ave, or the Safeway on Lincoln Ave! So far in Yakima, we have an abundance of coffee, but with the prices rising exponentially, local shoppers will likely take advantage of any sales and start hoarding it up!

Man having coffee in kitchen
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Who knew that wedding flowers are becoming short in supply in 2021? Apparently, this shortage is getting worse due to fewer floral store workers, climate change, and a wedding boom because the coronavirus pandemic made a lot of engaged couples prolong their weddings in 2020.

Wedding Flowers
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The LAST thing I would expect to come up short on is a bag of Funyuns. Shipping delays are causing some Yakima convenience stores to run out of Funyuns because as soon as they come in, people are buying them all up at once. I like to eat Funyuns around "that time of the month." There is something about these crusty, salty things that have made people gobble them up since 1969!

Funyuns bag of chips
screenshot via walmart.com


Every time I look around, the toilet paper shelves are getting empty. Guess I'd better head to Rosauer's to stock up on the TP before the hoarders do!

Toilet Paper from Rosauers
screenshot via shop.rosieapp.com

6 Vicious Animals You Are Not Allowed to Own

 in Washington State

by Reesha Cosby
Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

You are not allowed to own these five vicious animals in Washington state. Isn't that, WILD? Get it!


Wait, we don't HAVE any crocodiles in Washington state, right? Why is this banned? Who tried to sneak a crocodile across the state border? The only crocodile allowed in these parts is the concert venue in downtown Seattle on 2nd Avenue, The Crocodile.
There is only one (1) elephant left in Washington state, now that the others developed tuberculosis and passed away. Nobody else is allowed to own an elephant. You can see beautiful Suki the elephant in Tacoma at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. She is pretty dang old in elephant years. Years ago when the circus came to town, I was asked to ride out to the audience on an elephant. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget, but after I saw how the elephants were being treated behind the scenes, I vowed to NEVER ride them again or support any circuses that featured elephants. These elegant animals deserve better than humans profiting off of their entrapment.
Personally, I would be too afraid to own a lion in my back yard, even if it WAS legal. I would be scared that when the lion looks at me they see a giant steak icon, just like you see in cartoons. Walking steaks, that's what we look like to lions! They are extremely fast and love to chase and tackle down their prey. Their humongous teeth would pierce through your flesh faster than you can say RUN! Why would you want to put yourself and others in that kind of danger? There's a reason why they sang out, "Lions and tigers, and bears, OH MY!"
Disney via YouTube
Nice try, trying to keep a tiger as your personal pet. These magnificent (but vicious) creatures belong out in their natural wild habitat. Poachers, however, believe that tigers belong taxidermied up on their walls at home or as a rug in front of their fancy fireplaces. You are not allowed to own a tiger in Washington, but you can see some up close and in person at several regional zoos and sometimes at the Central Washington State Fair exhibits.
When my daughter, Willow, was a toddler, she would often tell me she wanted to be a cheetah when she grew up. I will be telling this adorable tale at her wedding, bet! Cheetahs are too fast and too hungry for human meat to be kept as pets, which is a great reason why they are banned to own in Washington. Another one is that they always eat up your Cheetos.
Elijah Kanous��via Youtube
I'm still ticked off a the hyenas in Lion King for trying to kill off Simba and Mufasa, and that was just FICTION! I actually thought Salacious B. Crumb (Jabba the Hut's sidekick) was a laughing hyena until I found out he was a "monkey lizard" from Planet Kowak.
Star Wars Explained via YouTube

Take a Pic of Yourself in Yakima at One of these 74 Mural Selfie Walls

Big cities have famous spots where we like to take sightseeing selfies, like the Gum Wall in Seattle's Pike Place Market, or the What Lifts You Wings mural in Nashville, and even artist Candice Taylor's brand new Crown Act Wall in Southeast Washington, D.C. You've no doubt taken quite a few selfies in front of popular landmarks and selfie wallls.

Did you know that the city of Yakima, Washington, has over seventy-four (74) murals that would make for a fantastic place to get your sightseeing selfie? The locations included in this gallery include one-of-a-kind murals found at:

  • Hamilton Park Mural Wall on Mead Ave (the cross street is S 24th Ave)
  • Churchill's Booklovers Haunt: 125 S 2nd St
  • Various Homes across from the MLK Jr. Park Splash Pad: S 8th St
  • United States Post Office: 112 S 3rd St
  • Cost Less Carpet of Yakima (on the back side of the store): 210 N 5th Ave
  • Dollar Stretcher (in the alley behind the store): 501 W Lincoln Ave
Keep your eyes out for one of our unique photo-op murals to add to your collection in your social media pics, and stop and take a memorable selfie of yourself in the heart of Yakima!

LOOK: Here are the pets banned in each state

Because the regulation of exotic animals is left to states, some organizations, including The Humane Society of the United States, advocate for federal, standardized legislation that would ban owning large cats, bears, primates, and large poisonous snakes as pets.

Read on to see which pets are banned in your home state, as well as across the nation.

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