Don't Get Lit and Drive. Lit-erally.

It was not the most wonderful time of the year for a certain Snohomish County driver who was pulled over on Monday by the Washington State Patrol for illegal lighting on the SUV's roof rack.

I guess cheesy antlers covering antennas, wreaths on the front grill and strategically placed Rudolph red noses won't get a lump of coal in your stocking, nor a ticket, but the lights, especially the blinking lights, now that's a distraction you and the WSP are going to have to discuss.

Even though the traffic stop was Grinch-like, the trooper reportedly "doesn’t have a heart two sizes too small & gave the driver a warning."

RCW code in Washington has this to say specifically regarding lights on vehicles. Oregon's law is pretty similar.

After the trooper's tweet was posted, it got many retweets and replies, including this one.

I'd say that's a definite pullover if spotted by law enforcement, sure.

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