I have new neighbors who bought the house right next to my home, and for the past two weeks, they have been doing some remodeling on their home.

My new neighbors are very sweet, but they their carpenter is making my home sanctuary a living hell. The guy is out there rebuilding the wooden rail in my neighbors' backyard and he's also been refurnishing their living room floor. This means I have heard nothing but power saws, chain saws and loud incessant hammering, literally from sunup till dusk for the past 14 days!

The noise was especially unwelcome on my days off during the Thanksgiving break. Even my 7-year old child, Willow, has started to complain about the boisterous cackle of the neighbors' construction. I heard her in her room the other day say, "Oh no, not that noise again! Are you serious?" (That made me chuckle!)

Moral of the story, if you want to tick off your neighbor(s), then make sure you make your front and/or back yard sound like a construction zone. Yep, that'll make 'em really mad.

Another thing people do that ticks off their neighbors is blowing all the leaves from their yard into the street. There's nothing like trying to walking to your home through millions of crackling and sometimes dried up spiky leaves. Way to stir up the neighborhood allergies!

Thanks, pal, for nothing!

Do you remember that movie called, "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"? Well, this story should be titled, "How To Tick Off Your Neighbors In Less Than 10 Days"!

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