Wanna hear a weird story?
So, we have lived in our rented house for a year and a handful of months so far and are loving it. Within the first few months, there was mail being delivered that wasn't ours, not abnormal but twice we had packages delivered here from a local business.
They had my Father-In-Laws number and chose to reach out about the packages the first time, getting it all set up so they could pick them up. They were told to fix the address. Then it happened again shortly after. This time, they didn't reach out, they showed up after dark at the house trying to hand me stickers from said business and talking about the mix-up.
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But this is where I know they were lying and I am not here for it. First off, no one contacted you about these packages, you just showed up hours later to pick them up. Meaning you were tracking them, fully aware they were being delivered to an address that you no longer live at. I told them they needed to get it all handled please because I'm not a fan of holding other people's mail.
The deliveries stopped and I was even told that this person is a really nice guy from a mutual friend, cool beans, maybe I could have been nicer but perhaps you could be less weird, yes?
Yesterday two giant packages arrived from that same flipping business so I messaged them to let them know to please once again get their address updated and they needed to come to get their packages. Instead of responding to me, they chose to reach out to my Father-In-Law a few hours later explaining about the mix-up and how they used to live at our house.
Sir, you have not lived in this house for over a year so this excuse isn't working for me anymore. It's getting weird and I don't like when people play dumb OR take advantage of my Father-In-Law because he's just trying to go with the flow.
There could be silly things inside of these packages or this could be a full-on drug deal for all I know and I don't want to be a part of any of it anymore. Something I made very clear to this gentleman over a year ago. So why are we back in the same situation?
Three hours later, again after dark, a man showed up to get the packages and this time, they weren't ready for him. He was perplexed but what's weirder is it wasn't the owner of the packages it was his friend. Again talking about how his friend used to live here and blah, blah, blah.
The packages have since been picked up by the yahoos and I won't put the business on blast because of what I do for a living but I was curious what YOU would do in this situation?

This Is Weird Right?

I posted this on my Facebook page and there were some super interesting answers and some tips if this has/is happening to you.
And before you say, Sarah why don't you just not accept the packages? I would if signing for them were an option but they just show up on my doorstep. Double irritation because I keep thinking maybe something cool got delivered TO ME!
Public Opinion 
  1. This is a scam. It’s totally a trafficking operation. I’ve seen a couple of shows on it. The people retrieving the packages usually don’t even know what they’re involved in. They take it and meet somewhere not too far away and exchange it for their money - Krista P
  2. I’m not even gonna lie Sarah, when I was in my addiction this sounds quite familiar to what I used to do - Katie J
  3. I would go to whatever carrier is delivering these packages and speak with the manager in person. We had something a little similar with someone who lived in my house as a child and started having DSHS send things to our house so she could avoid certain papers and also for medical bills. It was super annoying. Nothing I did worked until I spoke to the postal manager - Erin J

Great suggestions and after sending a private message to this company I have let them know that they will never be picking up another package from this residence and if they attempt to contact my Father-In-Law again to help do their dirty work I will take it as harassment and act accordingly.

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