A popular Dallas restaurant is making headlines across social media after the owner of the establishment decided to put some patrons in check for what they deem was "unruly" behavior.

According to Eater Dallas, a video was posted to social media over the weekend by Twitter user @DJGreenVillain which shows what appears to be the owner of True Kitchen and Kocktails Kevin Kelley, going off on a group of women who were reportedly "twerking" to music in the restaurant and he wasn't having it.


Since being uploaded to Twitter, the video has now spread across all platforms with several different accounts on what exactly happened that lead to the outburst. While some of the backlash has been pointed at Kelley, others agree with him.

The point of contention amongst many folks is "What kind of business are you running: A restaurant or a nightclub?". While Kelley is arguing that his business is a "restaurant" designed for strictly sitting down and eating and drinking, patrons have pointed out that "True Kitchen" also bills itself as a nightclub with its "special events".

Before I give you my OPINION based on the FACTS that I know, what do you think? Is the owner wrong for snapping or is he justified in how he handled it?

The following is MY OPINION: I have no problem with Mr. Kelley's demands. Its HIS business at the end of the day and if you have a problem with HIS rules YOU don't have to go there. Could he have went about it "nicely" without cussing, I'm sure he could have, but we're grown and don't act like you're offended by cussing.

Plus, if THEY are in "restaurant" hours, why are YOU going into "nightclub" mode. While I enjoy seeing a good "twerk" like everyone else, you gotta know there's a time and place for all that especially if you're GROWN.

Having worked with hundreds of business owners, I know for a fact that "The customer is always right" sense of entitlement patrons have is real. I can tell you this first hand, YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT CUSTOMER, and you should respect the business and their rules.

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