I'm old enough to remember how grown ups in the 1980's used to tell us kids that listening to RAP, HARD ROCK or HEAVY METAL causes young people to do bad things and run with the wrong crowd! Boy, were they wrong! They apparently left out listening to ADULT CONTEMPORARY MUSIC can cause fights!

Listen, I understand that if you hear a song one too many times, you might want to punch the wall or something. But I was not expecting to hear the words "fight after a UB40 concert" linked to bar brawl! Sorry, not sorry, I laughed my buns off when I heard the story!

The news reports are out that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was the one who started a bar fight while he was in college.

The tea is that Brett was hanging with some buds and brosephs at a local watering hole, Demery's, after a UB40 concert* (Red, Red Wine, don't cha know). Brett's college buddy, Chad Luddington, said their group of pals saw a man who looked like the lead singer, Ali Campbell.

The look-a-like guy in the bar then turned to Brett's crew and said, "WTF are y'all looking at?!" Well, at least, that's how I envision the scene went down.

Brett next allegedly threw some ice in the man's face and then all "ALE" broke loose in the bar. A big ole fight happened. Everybody was scrapping! Punches were allegedly thrown and one of Brett's friends decided to slug the UB40 look-a-like dude in the ear with a beer mug. He got arrested.

Whew chile.

All that dramz over a guy who looked like Alistar Ian Campbell! MISS ME WITH THAT MESS.

*DISCLAIMER: You had better be careful. We do play UB40 on MEGA 99.3, in fact, we play nothing but Old School. You might be out in a bar somewhere and see someone who reminds you of an artist that we play. The next thing you know, a big bar brawl could break out! Hey, our music is always jamming. Nice try, but don't blame us for any of your boisterous bar brawls! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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