I have lived in quite a few places where it is essential that you have some supplies in your vehicle while traveling. I have made many treks across the United States, Canada and Mexico as well -- where places to stop and get things are few and far between. My father taught me that you will always need supplies in the back of your rig if you every get stranded. If bad weather hits or you simply break down and have to wait for help, these things could be life-savers.

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    Bottle or jug of water

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    Jumper cables

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    Non-perishable food

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    Blanket and pillow

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    Snow boots

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    Extra shoes and clothes

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    Battery charger

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    Sleeping bag

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    Fishing pole and tackle

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    Lighter or matches

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    Shampoo or soap and essentials

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    First aid kit & roadside kit

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