If you've been grocery shopping in the last six months it's more than likely you've noticeid some things are still not back to normal.

We had the Toilet paper shortage of 2020 that we'll never forget, but at the same time there was a shortage on a bunch of other things like disenfectant wipes, masks and every day household items.

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Now it's just getting personal. In 2021 things felt like things were slowley getting back to normal, now in 2022 we're seeing strange shortages in the stores of some of our favorite products.

For instance the meat section of every super market is close to cleared out everytime we go, selections on different snack items or even household items are becoming harder and harder to find with each trip to the grocery store.

Now it's been taken too far, every day i crack open a can of redbull, sure it's horrible for my heart and i shouldn't be drinking one or two every day. But that's besides the point. I've had to travel far and wide across yakima to find cans of red bull, sure there's redbull with diffrent flavors easy to find but if you want the og can it's becoming harder and harder to find in the yakima valley.

I was upset so I decided to do some research, surely Yakima residents weren't hoarding the energy drink, or 80 pounds of meat in a freezer somewehre. What i found was a little bit more disturbing.

Due to covid-19 and the variants more people are ordering and shopping from home, this means more and more traffic is coming into the city with deliveries from all over. This includes couches, televisions, desks, big items that clog up distribution for other every day items.

They're saying that the tacoma narrows docks have an over abundent amount of goods coming through, this being from all the items that have been ordered online. With this happenign smaller items or items not in higher demand are waited to be shipped later.

Which of course causes a shortage in stores, what also doesn't help is how fast covid and it's variants are being contracted and spread, more and more people in warehouses are catching the virus causing shut downs for weeks at a time, distrubution to be put on hold.

So if you're having issues finding your favorite things in the stores this is a big reason why. How do we fix it? Simply, we can't, covid protocals will remain the same for the unseen future, people will continue to buy things online and in large amounts that can clog up distribution centers.

However, lawmakers and state officials are working on fixing these issues and getting us back to the norm. New laws are being propused to help the flow of distrubution, when they go into effect...your guess is as good as mine.

Have you been expierencing shortages? If so what of, make sure to use the Bull Chat and let us know.

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