Idaho gets the simple baked potato as its top Thanksgiving food, which makes sense seeing as how they can boast to be the "Potato Capital of the World". Our southern neighbor state of Oregon claims "Day-After Turkey Soup" as their traditional favorite food for Thanksgiving. What do you think will be the top choice for us here in Washington?

Food Network did a survey asking people from each state to rank their favorite Thanksgiving food, and Washington residents overwhelmingly chose "Spiced Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies".


There is no way this is Washington state's favorite Thanksgiving food. This is preposterous!

I don't know who these people are who filled out that online survey, but sugar cookies are definitely not the top of my favorite Thanksgiving food list. My family doesn't even eat sugar cookies at that time of year (we wait until Christmastime). My favorite Thanksgiving food is mac and cheese, but that's because I was born and raised in Tennessee and my sweet great-grandmother Janie (RIP) served it at every holiday meal, including Thanksgiving. My Aunt Niecey also whipped up some of the best mac and cheese you've ever tried, too, rest her soul.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Food? (I'm going out on a limb to guess that it isn't Spiced Sugar Cookies!)

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