Last night, I got sick and tired of watching the election results so I decided to clean my kitchen. I had been pacing back and forth in my house while watching the Election results commentaries on the news. Can I just say that waiting for election results from NEVADA, PENNSYLVANIA, GEORGIA, AND ARIZONA is like waiting for that sloth in the movie Zootopia to stamp something? So frustrating!

I couldn't concentrate on my work or pretty much anything else because it seems like every few minutes the news has "Key Race Alerts" or "Breaking Election News" and yet there is still no firm results.

It looks like MSNBC hasn't even let Steve Kornacki go home and get some sleep! He's in the same clothes he had on when I went to bed last night. His hair is messed up and everything. They got that man "working, working day and night", like that Michael Jackson song!

Finally, whilst washing the dishes, I felt an urge to cook a big dinner, but I had no idea what I wanted to make. I dried off my hands, grabbed my cell phone, and opened up the Facebook app. "What is a Yakima restaurant copycat recipe you wish you could make at home? I'm going to try to recreate it and then write a thing about it," I wrote in the status box.

My Facebook friends did not disappoint me. I got so many recipe ideas, I decided to try some of these recipes out and share with you how easy/hard it will be for me to recreate. I hope one of these food and beverage recipes will inspire YOU to get in the kitchen and start cooking (or at the very least, order something for take-out and support local businesses)!

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