Are you hungry for your 4th of July barbecue plate yet, because I certainly am! When you think of 4th of July foods, what instantly comes to mind? Is it a PORK CHOP, because about 3 years ago, it was declared the #1 food served on the 4th of July in Washington state.

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I know what you're thinking, since WHEN did the pork chop become one of the most popular dishes for this holiday around here? I asked myself that same question but according to, we got stuck with the pork chop. I demand to know who was in charge of the information gathering, because as long as I have been celebrating the 4th of July, we ain't never served any pork chops on our plates!


I will say this, if you plan to serve pork chops at your 4th of July barbecue, please for the love of PETE and 'nem, SEASON your food. Nobody likes a bland pork chop, not here in Washington state or any other state for that matter!


Over the weekend, I was invited to my friend's house for an impromptu 4th of July backyard barbecue. I got so excited because before they invited me I had been thinking about hitting the road and traveling to Walla Wall to visit some wineries. Now it looks like I'll be hanging out with my local best buds for a holiday fish fry! I was asked to bring some white rice and some cornbread and hot water cornbread to contribute to the meal, but I might just add one of the most popular July Independence Day meals: the good ole pork chop!

I don't eat pork chops often. I usually only eat them when served with cream of mushroom sauce and served over a hot bed of orzo pasta. I got that recipe from a dear friend I had many moons ago back in the early 2000s, almost twenty years ago. Her name was Wendy and she introduced me to a love of crock pot cooking. I had never owned or used a crock pot before then so I sat there in awe of her culinary skills with it.

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