Has Anybody in the Yakima Valley Tried This PAINFUL Hot Sauce Before?

Has Anybody in the Yakima Valley Tried Pain 100

I recently began a weight loss program that has helped me lose a ton of weight and drop several sizes because of the limited foods and beverages I can consume, but that didn't stop me from staring at this bottle of hot sauce and wanting to buy it! Has anybody in the Yakima Valley tried this PAINFUL hot sauce before?

It's called PAIN 100%. I am officially scared! HA!

The Pain 100 hot sauce is owned by Original Juan company which was recently purchased by Spice In Foods. When you go to their website, you'll see an assortment of other cool and spicy-looking hot sauces.

I found this bottle of PAIN 100% on the shelf at my local Safeway grocery store. It was on sale for $7.29. That seems kinda spendy for a bottle of hot sauce! I'm used to getting either Frank's Red Hot, Tapatio, or a bottle of Louisiana Red Hot.

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This bottle of hot sauce belongs in the "Pain Is Good" collection from Spicinfoods.com. You can even buy a trio box set of some rather scary-sounding flavored hot sauces. This would make an excellent gift for the chef or griller in your life!

I wonder what this "Pain 100%) hot sauce would taste like if I marinated some chicken or catfish in it! I might even be able to make my own rendition of Nashville Hot Chicken, which has become one of the hottest food trends of the year, no pun intended!

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