INFLATABLE TROUSERS are the hottest (and weirdest) thing on the runway this fall. They will only cost you around $1100 each, and they are custom made for your bootay and thickem thighs.

HARRI via APOC Store
HARRI via APOC Store

These odd things are coming to us from new menswear designer Harikrishnan (he goes by HARRI) from the London School of Fashion. If you want a pair of these inflatable trousers, you better act quickly. They come in two colors, Black Limo or Striped Swirl.

There's just a few simple instructions: 1: keep them away from heat and daylight, metals; 2: avoid contact with all oils; 3: Use talcum powder when wearing them; 4: Never over-inflate them.

Gettem before they're gone, they are taking pre-orders. Operators are standing by! You will look like someone who stepped out of the Willy Wonka or hanging out with Dorothy in the Lollipop Guild, but you do you!

And I won't say "No Judgement" from me on this one, because if you walk around in downtown Yakima (or heck, Terrace Heights, for that matter) with a pair of inflatable trousers on, I'M JUDGING YOU. Miss me with that mess!

In other "MMWTM!" news, I'm getting really sick of these people who win the lottery and then turn around and when again! Wait til you hear about the latest couple who beat the odds. I find it funny how there's supposed to be like a 1 in a million chance to win the lottery, but yet this couple won millions of dollars, twice. Very suspicious, if you ask me!! This couple in Nova Scotia won nearly 15 million dollars playing the lotto. The husband won a little over $13,000,000 and his wifey won about $2.5 Million! What is their dang secret and why haven't I discovered it yet!

Speaking of the lottery, did you hear that the jackpot is up to $29 Million on Saturday, August 22nd? Check it out here.

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