The other day, I took my second-grade daughter, Willow, to see the children's play, Dragons Love Tacos and Other Stories, at the Capitol Theatre.

It was a packed house, full of kindergarten, first and second grade elementary kids from other schools on a class field trip.

We had arrived early, so we got seated in some great front row seats in the fourth row. Willow decided to turn around and talk to the kids in the row behind her, and boy, were they a lively bunch of coconuts!

When Willow asked the group of three boys and three girls what grade they were in, that's when the fiesty fun began. (They were the stars of the show, if you ask me!)

Here's some of the things I overheard in my daughter's back-and-forth conversation with those kids at the Capitol Theatre (keep in mind, these kids are only ages five through eight-years old):

"Are you in a book club?"

"Your mom is stinky!"

"I'm in the 1,000th grade."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Does your mom have a boyfriend?"

"I'm a parent."

"You eat rotten eggs."



"Okay, MOM!" -The little girl behind me, whom I had just scolded for saying the word 'butthole'.

Like I said, those funny (and rambunctious) little kids were the true stars of the show! They made my day!

Here's the next upcoming kids event at The Capitol Theatre: Ballet Hispanico, on May 3, 2019.

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