Proper people call them by their real name, charcuterie boards, but the slang version, a sharkcoochie board, has been getting all the recent hype.

Now, charcuterie boards are getting a Washington state makeover. Enter "Jarcuterie Boards", stage left. One news station affectionately calls these "Lunchables for grownups" (I still like Lunchables, though, in fact, I have several sitting on a shelf in my fridge, some for my 9-yr-old daughter and some for me!)

Jarcuteries got their start in Arkansas. A company named Noble Graze came up with the idea and it spread like wildfire all over the country. There are numerous YouTube recipes to create your own jarcuterie board/cup. Some foodies have gotten over the top with the idea and turned it into a "Charcutertini". Very over the top, but that still sounds fun and yummy!

So what's in a Jarcuterie Board that makes them so unique (and the latest foodie craze)? Layered charcuterie goodness, that's what. Fill your Mason jar, party cup, or what have you, with items like:

  • Nuts
  • Olives (green or black)
  • Chunks of your favorite cheeses (Gouda, Brie, Cheddar Cubes, etc.)
  • Meats (Cubed Ham, Cubed Turkey, Pepperoni slices, Salami slices)
  • Pickled Okra
  • Extras: Hummus cups, Your favorite Pepper Jellies, Nuts, Pita Chips, Water Crackers, Chocolate covered candies, etc.)

Basically, whatever you would display on a fancy-schmancy charcuterie cutting board, you can put it inside of a jar.

There are many benefits to loading up your delicacies this way: it's COVID-friendly, sanitary (because no one is double-dipping or touching your food but you), and you can take 'em to go!

Thrifty foodies are taking them to work for a snack, entrepreneurial types are turning them into new businesses, like this woman in Washington state and this talented lady on YouTube.

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