Italian food is comfort food to a lot of us, who can forget the homemade spaghetti mom used to make, or the lasagna nights for family dinner? We can always make it at home, but sometimes there's no better feeling than being waited on and enjoying your favorite foods.

We took the liberty of going around Yakima and finding the best Italian restaurants in the Yakima Valley. We aren't gonna be naming Olive Garden by any means, but we are going to do a deep dive into local restaurants you can only find right here in the heart of Yakima.


3.) Provisions 

Not necessarily an Italian Restaurant but they do have some of the most amazing Italian dishes. We suggest our favorite which is the Pappardelle which is pappardelle pasta, garlic cream sauce, mushrooms and peas, obviously there's more to choose from so go find your favorite Italian dish here!

2.) Crafted

Again not truly an Italian restaurant but their Italian items on their menu is to die for. We start with their Tagliatelle Pasta which comes with green garlic Spinich Pesto, bacon, snap peas, and more amazing filler. Crafted is famous for their farm to table menu which means many things change, what doesn't chang is their amazing pasta dishes.

1.) Zesta Cucina 

This is the full blown Italian restaurant we were looking for when we started our search. From their starters, all the way to their main courses. Zesta Cucina hands down has the best Italian food in the valley. Wether you love pasta, steaks, lagana they have it all. We found our favorite dish with the Chicken Marsala with pan roasted chicken breast, sauted mushrooms and a marsala reduction, they also serve it up with wilted spinach and roasted mashed potatoes. We can't suggest this place enough. Make your reservations today and get a trust taste of Italian food in the Yakima Valley.

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