How is it legal for these delivery companies to get away with these insane surcharges? There outta be a law!

The other day, I was feeling so sick, too sick to go to the kitchen and cook some food for myself and my child. Laying in my bed, hair matted and breath funky, I weakly managed to grab my cell phone, open up the UberEats app, and click on Mod Pizza.

My kid, Willow, is Mod Pizza's BIGGEST FAN EVER, and the "Mod" sized pepperoni pizza with extra pepperoni has been the favorite thing for us to order from since Willow was in the 1st grade. I could just taste the yummy concoction of red sauce, mozzarella, and parmesean cheeses, plus a little salt + pepper on it. (I like to have them swirl on some sriracha sauce on mine after it's baked.) I added the item to my cart and selected the "Pay Now" option.

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There were the taxes I had to pay on my order. Yikes, but okay, cool. Then they got carried away with two sets of Service Fees and Delivery Fees. TWO SETS! Something that was going to cost me about $11 with tax was going to cost me about $12 in delivery and service fees--and that was before we even got to the TIP! You do the math, that is a 120% mark-up to have my food delivered to me from the restaurant. That is outrageous!

Ordering a nine-dollar appetizer from this app was going to cost me came $33 and some change. I was so disgusted, I deleted the app from my phone, and cussed out "Service Fees" under my breath.

Maybe the rest of the world could do what Governor Inslee announced this week and issue a proclamation to put these third-party app delivery fees in CHECK, at least while the coronavirus pandemic is going on! That's right, Gov, you tell UberEats and 'nem to take a chill pill. Miss me with that mess!

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