I know this may sound really morbid but what kind of food do you drop off to a family after a funeral?

I ask you this because the other day in a foodie group on Facebook someone asked for ideas of meals to bring to her co-worker's house after a funeral. Where I come from in Nashville, you bring a bucket of chicken to the house. That's right, a bucket of chicken with all the Fixin's.

I'm talking about bringing crispy fried chicken, a thing of green beans, a pint of macaroni and cheese, sides of corn on the cob, and a big old box of biscuits. Basically, we bring over a family meal from KFC, Church's Chicken, or Raising Cane's.

I was shocked that the people in the comment section were giving comments like trays of homemade spaghetti, lasagna, and salads. I saw these suggestions and clutched my invisible pearls. Not one box of chicken was mentioned! Is bringing chicken a cultural thing?

My friend Naomi says she's been to Black, Latinx, and Filipino funerals here in Washington, and she said everybody brings chicken. (See, I was right!) Another friend of mine, Sunny, says she's Arab so she is used to people bringing Sudanese dishes to the repast.

I'm guessing out in the Pacific Northwest, casseroles are the funeral things to bring. Funeralwise.com says people from the South prefer to bring casseroles and people from the East Coast tend to salads and sandwiches.

What do you take to a family's house after the funeral?

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