Fans of Popeye's Chicken Can Get 2 Pieces of Chicken for 59 Cents This Weekend!

If you are clicking on this, you are obviously a fan of Popeye's, so welcome!

I don't blame you for being a fan, they have one of the best spicy chicken sandwiches in town! To be honest, I've never tried their chicken wings or chicken piece specials, but I've heard about how good they are. I was, in fact, one of the first people in line to try their menu when the Popeye's opened up on Nob Hill Blvd! I couldn't wait to find out for myself how their biscuits taste, especially after seeing all of the hoopla about them on social media. I'm not saying the reviews are great but I am saying they are well-known!

I tried the spicy chicken sandwich first because I am a product of The South, particularly Nashville, TN, and my hometown is known worldwide for its "hot chicken" recipe. I am fortunate enough to have eaten some of this hot chicken myself as a child. I was into hot chicken before it was "cool", I am proud to say!

I did hear that Popeye's is having an amazing special on their chicken wings now through Sunday, June 19th! It is in honor of Popeye's 50th anniversary of being in business. You can, get this, some pieces of the famous Popeye's chicken for just 59 cents. That is not a typo either! Get two (2) pieces for $0.59!

Popeye's began in 1972 and the price of two lil ole slabs of chicken was only 59 cents! You do have to use the Popeye's app to get access to the deal. You can also use the website here.

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen in Yakima is located at 2406 W Nob Hill Blvd.


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