Egg Day is not something local people usually talk about in an excited way, that is unless you are a local foodie like me.

The other day, I went to the store and chased somebody down until they could tell me where they kept the pre-cooked hard-boiled eggs. I needed it for a homemade Cobb Salad I was making. I also love to use them to add in my tuna sandwiches. It saves me precious time that I could be using doing other stuff instead of cooking on the stove and worrying that my hard-boiled eggs won't come out great.

If you are wondering where you can find some delicious egg dishes in Yakima, here are my top three recommendations.

EGGS BENEDICT: SIMPLY RECIPES DOT COM CALLS IT, “warm, crispy bacon, hot buttered toasted English muffins, eggs poached perfectly to your desire, and a warm, creamy, unbroken Hollandaise sauce.”
Try the Bacon Avocado and Tomato Benedict at Powerhouse Grill for $12.29. (3807 River Rd, Yakima)
"Two poached eggs served on grilled croissants with bacon, avocado, and sliced tomatoes covered in hollandaise sauce."

COBB SALAD: GET A BUNCH OF EVERYTHING IN THERE: Lettuce, tomato, bacon, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, chives, SOME KIND OF cheese, and YOUR FAVORITE SALAD DRESSING.
Get a Cobb Salad at Apple Tree Golf Course Restaurant for $16.50. (8804 Occidental Rd, Yakima)

My Favorite: soft scrambled eggs with salsa at Ballesteri's Coffee House. It is right across the street from our radio station, so I go there a lot. (4001 Summitview Ave).

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