Rick Castañeda, a film director from Granger (credits include Cement Suitcase which was filmed in the Yakima Valley) has a new short film he wanted to share with us -- free of charge! Watch it here!

This movie titled 'Bear Story' has been shown at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival, Rainier Film Festival and Ellensburg Film Festival. And now you can add this website to that list of credits.

According to Rick, he said this short started out as a joke that nobody in car seemed to appreciate. This caused him to keep retelling the story at the dismay of those he was traveling with to Big Bear Lake. He was so amused as their lack of amusement that he decided to turn it into a movie.


Rick Castañeda is busy as ever working on various projects, but he does plan on filming another movie in the Yakima Valley. Here's hoping it comes back home soon to make this happen.

In the meantime, watch this quick short film and share it with your friends to annoy them as well.