Have you found one of these hiding around the valley?

Tammy Shelton

Tammy Shelton started the Facebook page "Yakima Valley Rocks" after being inspired by "Whidbey Island Rocks" and "Prosser Rocks."

Here's the description on the "Yakima Valley Rocks" Facebook page:

This is how it works: Decorate rocks and hide them in various locations to brighten someone’s day. You can use paint, chalk, crayons, sharpies, or whatever-- as long as it has a coat of sealer over it to help preserve the art. Be sure to write on the back of your masterpiece in Sharpie- "Post a picture to the Facebook Page “Yakima Valley Rocks.” You can also write "Re Hide Me."

Tammy Shelton

If you find a piece of art that you can’t bear to part with then please feel free to keep it!

*Rocks reflect the opinions and attitudes of the individual artists, and not those of the admin. We cannot be held responsible for people being offended... Or anything else for matter.

*Please make sure the art is weatherproof.

*Please be careful when hiding rocks that you are not trespassing on private property or do not place rocks in grassy areas that may interfere with mowing.

Have fun!

Tammy paints the rocks, posts the photo on the "Yakima Valley Rocks" page with clues as to the location of the rock. Then, when someone finds the rock they post a photo with it on the Facebook page.

Tammy loves getting the kids involved. She hopes that it gets them off the electronic video games and outside hunting for these treasures -- or that maybe they start painting and hiding their own rocks!

My little 10-year-old, Shaylee, is artsy, so I'm thinking this is something fun we could do together.