The other night a friend of mine texted me to ask if I wanted to go to play bingo with her, her hubby, and one of our mutual friends. I leaped at the chance to reply back, "Hey, chica! I wanna go to bingo with you!! Omg that would be so much fun."

I meant every word that I said. I love bingo. I LIVE FOR BINGO! I even had one of my birthday parties at the Super D bingo hall on 3rd Ave and Mead before it closed down back a few years ago. That was my favorite birthday party ever. During the covid quarantine I signed up for virtual bingo. It was a drag show based on the East Coast. Too much fun!

There is the St. Joe's Bingo on Main Street in Union Gap but the bingo game we went to this past Wednesday was held at Single Hill Brewing in downtown Yakima (right across the street from The Seasons Performance Hall). The games start around 6:30/7 p.m. and are hosted by the entertaining crew of Maximum Wiley and Jeff Perkins. Fun fact: I once was on a trivia team with Max and Jeff when they used to do "Geeks Who Drink" Trivia at the Sports Center. Ben Johnson hosted those games and he was the best trivia host ever! Anyway, back to the bingo game. Max passed out paper bingo cards and dobbers to everyone who wanted to play. He brought with him a fancy bingo rolling machine, then kind you see them whip out on TV. He called out the numbers and there were several bingo winning options available which allowed for multiple winners. I won twice!

If you're looking for something fun to do in the middle of the week, maybe check out the bingo game. Winey Dogs had a food truck out there and I tried a "Chicago" bratwurst dog. It had the weirdest green relish I've ever seen but it was super tasty. I'm hungry just thinking about it.

Bingo Hot Dog from Winey Dogs
Reesha Cosby via Instagram

Maybe I'll see you there at the upcoming bingo night (keep up with the Events section on the Single Hill Brewing Facebook page). You might even catch me yelling out a lot of inappropriate trash talking whenever somebody else wins that isn't me. It's all in good fun though!

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