I've heard that some families will open up one present on Christmas Eve and save all the other presents for Christmas Day. When does your family open up Christmas presents?

I asked my 8-year-old daughter, Willow, "Should we open our presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?" Her answer surprised me, seeing as how much she loves Christmastime.

My family did not celebrate Christmas when I was a kid, so I don't really know the proper protocol for opening up Christmas presents. That's probably why I want to open up all my presents on Christmas Eve. Opening all my presents on Christmas Eve means that I will get to spend lots of time with them and use the heck out of them before I wake up on Christmas morning!

You see, on Christmas Day, all I want to be busy doing is sleeping in, watching movies on TV, sippin' on a little something-something, playing board games and card games with my daughter, nibbling on some delicious snacks, and taking a few extra naps--in that order.

Willow also told me what she wants for Christmas this year, and what she wants is something I'm seeing more and more children wanting instead of toys. I don't think I could ever give her that sort of present, but I guess that's my new mission in life. Hey, if Ryan and JoJo can do it, I want my little Willow to do it, too!

This new generation of kids, I tell ya, they are something else.

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