Are buffets going to become a thing of the past?

That is a question that needs answering. The other day, I was reminiscing about the last time I went to a buffet B.C. (before COVID). My daughter, Willow, and I were treated to a dinner at Minado Buffet (501 N 1st St, Yakima). Willow has this thing for sushi, so she and one of her besties, Kira, kept making several trips to the sushi bar and the dessert bar.

I ate like a queen that day. I didn't even mind the crowds that day, the food was SO good! I doubled up on the Walnut Chicken and the Orange Chicken. I went back for thirds for the Crab Rangoon. I had many, many bites of chow mein noodles and rice. Those were the good old days of the great buffet.

Now that COVID-19 has shuttered buffets across the state, I am afraid that once things start opening back up it won't be a good idea to visit the buffet restaurants without worrying if coronavirus germs are still lingering. I am not worried about the cleanliness of the restaurants, mind you, I am concerned about the personal hygiene of the people surrounding me. Haven't you seen that video with the blue light and it showed just how easy it is for germs to spread at a buffet?

People who don't wash their hands (or bodies) grabbing the tongs and then here I come along and pick them up and catch several infectious viruses...I never had to think about this type of thing B.C. (before COVID).

The hypochondriac in me is not looking forward to the return of that big buffet life. Thank goodness they still allow a buffet to-go box! Y'all ain't gonna stop me from enjoying my beloved buffet foods!

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