Whew, chile.

Did you hear that the new Troll movie has got AMC theaters hot under the collar? It seems that Trolls World Tour made over 100 million dollars without stepping one foot onto a movie theater, so NBC Universal was like, and I'm paraphrasing here, "DUDE! Let's keep this party going even after the lift of the coronavirus shutdown. We can play our stuff in theaters AND straight to on-demand!"

This made AMC feel some kind of way. They are kicking Universal Pictures out of the house like they were DJ Jazzy Jeff on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

Threatening to boycott all future Universal Pictures' movies? Yes, AMC Theaters execs are pretty, pretty, pretty mad.

They aren't just mad, they are BIG MAD!

But hold up, wait! It's not like Universal said, "You know what, we're not sending our movies to any more theaters." No, they have just found a way to make a bunch of extra box office dollars from the people staying at home to watch first-run movies--which means movie theaters won't be making as many profits in the future.

If I'm being selfish here, I think it is a fantastic idea for movies to go straight to on-demand. Some people just don't like going to movie theaters in the first place (introverts, hypochondriacs, and other nervous types), while some people LIVE for the experience of seeing a movie on the BIG screen (everybody else).

I don't think AMC should boycott Universal Pictures movies because there is enough movie love to go around for everybody. It looks like COVID-19 is stirring up some trouble in more ways than (all of them).

Movie theaters are probably freaking out a lot, too, but they need to relax. Millions of people will still go see movies, especially people going on dates and families with kids.

I am so glad we don't have that kind of movie theater drama going on here in the Yakima Valley. There will be droves of us venturing out to see movies in theaters once this corona mess is over. I'm still going to be taking my young daughter to see the next movie we can inside a theater once it's social distantly safe, but meanwhile, I will be over here happily waiting for the next movie to come out on demand.

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