Nowadays, everything is processed foods or there is some ingredient in them that is terrible for you. It really stinks, because those things always taste so darn good. Take soda pop. It taste amazing, but it is not good for you at all. I have to have a Diet Mountain Dew at least once a day. For the last two weeks, though, I have tried to make that just twice a week. I haven't made it.

Anyway, each week, I have to have the following:

  1. Diet Mountain Dew. It's one of the hardest things to limit, and I drink at least one a day.
  2. Meat. In moderation, I guess it's not too bad. Especially lean white meats that are lower in fat.
  3. Cheese. I could eat a whole block of cheese and be happy. That is not good for you.
  4. Milk. I go through at least a gallon a week.
  5. Oreo cookies. That's where the milk comes in. Milk and Oreos is the BEST! (Or maybe the worst, if you're trying to stick to a diet.)

What foods can you not live without?

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