5 Quick & Spicy Tips for Dating a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza in Yakima

5 Quick Tips for Dating a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza in Yakima
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It's back on the menu at the Taco Bells in Yakima...and inside your heart!

Me and my boo! And by boo, I mean a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza in Yakima. We were so in love for years and then one day, our love was ripped apart by the seams of a fire sauce packet. I remember it so vividly. That one lonely day in September 2020 when I drove myself to the Taco Bell menu and ordered a Mexican Pizza with Black beans, onions, and spicy jalapeno sauce. The person behind the Order Menu thingie told me that they no longer carried Mexican Pizzas.

I was ready for Ashton Kutcher to jump out from behind the bushes and yell out, "YOU'VE BEEN PUNK'D!!" but no such thing happened.


Fast forward two COVID-19-filled years of longing and yearning for my former Mexican Pizza lover and well, well, well. We "meat" again. Starting Thursday, May 19th, lovers of Mexican Pizza everywhere can rejoice once again. We have been going through terrible love withdrawals, some people even vowed weird oaths of "healthy eating" until the return of the menu item. I, for one, think that you CAN order a healthier version of the Mexican Pizza, just replace the meat with black beans and ask for extra vegetable toppings.

Before you jump in the "sack" with your returned Mexican Pizza lover, I've got five (5) quick tips to make your romance last and feel renewed and "spicy" once again!

Warning: Naughty innuendo is strictly unintentional, I promise! After I wrote these tips down I thought to myself, whoa, some of these tips sound unneccesarily RISQUE!

  • 1. Be prepared to fight for your love! Folks wlll probably be lined up the block at the drive-thru trying to get their hungry hands on a Mexican Pizza.


  • 2. Will your time spent together (as you are eating it) be hot and steamy? Ask yourself how quickly you can eat the pizza from the time it gets delivered to you and until you get home to eat it. Better yet, go eat it inside whilst it's still hot in the box.


  • 3. Handle your Taco Bell Mexican Pizza lover with care.


  • 4. "Spice up" your relationship with a Mexican Pizza by ordering some of that spicy chipotle sauce on it. With onions! Or Black Beans! Make it unexpected and delicious!


  • 5. Cherish the time you spend with your Taco Bell Mexican Pizza lover because who knows how long this will last! They might decide to take it off the menu again, who knows!
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When all else fails, you do know that Taco Bell doesn't claim to be authentic Mexican food. For that next level type of lovin', I recommend you visit my recommendations for the best Mexican food in the Yakima Valley.

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