I am no Punxsatawney Phil or Handford Hank or anything, but I am predicting the weather today. (No, I'm not talking about Olaf and his enchanted forest Disney movie, Frozen 2, which is out in theaters on November 22nd.)

I am not a fake weatherman, like this guy in the video below. I have scientific methods to make my weather reports.

I am hereby declaring that snow is on the horizon for the Yakima area within just a few weeks. To give my non-professional prediction some merit, I first looked at the stats given on the HowMuchWillItSnow.com website, where they have meticulously tracked snowfall in inches for Yakima since 2013. The pattern seems to indicate that every two years, Yakima gets an abundance of snow early in the month of December. Accuweather.com predicts Yakima will get snow on Friday, December 6, 2019 with a morning snow shower.

I am therefore predicting that Yakima will get its first snow of the season no later than the second week of December!


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