When I tell you that this article headline has brought me to tears, I mean it--tears of laughter. There are many things I see daily on the internet that make me say, "MISS ME WITH THAT MESS!", but this article begging women to stop putting garlic in their hooha, ranks right up there in the top five of the week!

Putting garlic in the vajayjay?

What in the seven realms of Hades is this? Who does this article even apply to? Are ladies out here really stuffing cloves of garlic in their "Virginias"? Why, lawd, WHY?

Some women say putting these bulbous onions "down there" stems from an old wives tale that garlic cloves can cure all sorts of vaginal ailments, like yeast infections, The Iraq and such as.


"Garlic works. But you don’t let it sit in there and sauté itself though," confessed one of my Facebook friends, whom we'll just refer to as "TK".

"It's getting hot in here, so take off all your cloves," says a meme I saw somewhere online.

I guess if a woman chooses to stick some garlic in her lady bits, that's n-onion our business. If this home remedy works for you, then more [onion powder] to ya! If you must insist on trying this, at least buy some LOCAL garlic! There's Filaree Farms in Omak, or Krueger Pepper Gardens in Yakima!

Meanwhile, you can "MINCE" ME WITH THAT MESS!