Crime is a big problem in Yakima but police are hoping you can help solve some crimes. If you have security cameras or a Ring Video system at your home Yakima Police are hoping you'll get involved involved with the department's SafeCam program. Your security camera or Ring video at your home or business can help solve crimes in your area. Police say registration is voluntary and police will not have remote access to your camera or demand they view any videos you have recorded.

You can register your system today

All you have to do is register your camera and answer a few simple questions. Your information will not be posted online.
A news release says using the geographic locations of the registered cameras, the Department will be able to ask people to check their video surveillance system for a specific date and time of when the incident happened in their area. If helpful video is found you would contact police so they could retrieve the video and maybe solve a crime.
You can find information at

Police do have a warning for those who register with the program

The website does have a warning for those in the program. Polcie say by "registering your security camera with the Yakima Police Department you understand that your personal information may be disclosed in response to a request made under Washington’s Public Records laws or under a lawfully issued subpoena."
Officers say however that's rare and most of the time officers gain valuable information from your cameras that allow them to solve crimes in your area.

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