A new non-profit has been created to support Yakima County law enforcement agencies K-9 programs. Did you know unlike many other law enforcement agencies around the country, Yakima County depends upon private donations to fund local K9 programs. In an effort for a more coordinated collection of donations the non-profit K9 Foundation Yakima Valley was created. A press release says

K9 units are most often the first on-scene in situations where the suspect will not surrender. Most often, just their "convincingly, obnoxiously loud bark" causes more surrenders than any other law enforcement tool. Surrendering suspects is a "safe win" for everyone-the officers, the community, the K9, and the suspect. Fern Hart, Executive Director of K9 Foundation Yakima Valley says "as a huge dog lover, when I learned the law enforcement K9 programs in Yakima were primarily funded by private donations, I wondered, 'What do the handlers do if there is no funding for vet bills, food, safety equipment, and the required training for their K9's?' What I found out was shocking! The handlers and their families do what is necessary for their K9 from their own pockets. I find that unconscionable! I believe when our community learns of this, there will be no shortage of funding for our law enforcement K9 programs. K9 Foundation Yakima Valley was created to provide the conduit for the much needed and gratefully appreciated, tax-deductible donations."

If you donate all your money stays here in the Yakima Valley to support a lot of agencies which include the Yakima County Sheriff's and Yakima City Police Department's K9 Programs.
Five K9's are now working throughout Yakima County including Selah Police Dept., Union Gap Police Dept., Grandview Police Dept., Sunnyside Police Dept., and Yakama Nation Tribal Police Dept.
If you give your donations will go to food, medical bills, training tools, continued training, as well as the purchasing and training for new K9's for agencies in the Yakima Valley.

You can give today;


Or you can send a Check: Payable to K9 Foundation YV, PO Box 2463, Yakima WA 98907

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