Last month Yakima Police officials asked for help in treating K9 Trex who was having some health problems. Sadly according to K9 Foundation Yakima Valley "K9 Trex was set free of pain on Monday, November 14th after suffering from an undiagnosable gastrointestinal disorder."

Vets at WSU were at a loss to find out what was wrong

Police say he was seen at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine along with visits several local veterinary clinics but no cures were found. K9 Trex was on a variety of medications and appetite stimulants but he just kept losing weight. On Monday the struggle came to an end. At one point Trex lost a lot of going from a high of 85 pounds to 55 pounds before he died.

Trex struggled for months not eating or feeling well

Police say Trex started to have problems months ago saying "appetite for food was gone for the most part, other than being hand-fed bits of rotisserie chicken." Yakima Police Department officials say they tried everything to try and find a cure but became very concerned after officials at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine couldn't find an answer. They were hoping to diagnose the problem and start directly treating whatever problem he had but that didn't happen. Officials at K9 Foundation Yakima Valley say "our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ken Lust, DVM, and the WSU Veterinary Team for their tireless care and love for Trex during his health battles. He was truly in the best hands possible." Zorro the other Yakima Police Department K9 is healthy and on the job.
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