One of my friends recently told me she is obsessed with #PlantsofTikTok. She has over 40 houseplants. Her kids make fun of her for it, but she doesn't give a flip. There's almost a TikTok for everything. I found #CatsofTikTok today. That got me looking for more fun hashtags to follow.

I don't know enough about what's available on TikTok to know how to search for stuff, so I asked a few of my friends for their tips, tricks, and advice during our Friday Night Zoom party.

"Tiktok...It's basically like going down a rabbit hole of 'likes'," says my friend J.

"Anything you can think of and everything you can't think of is on TikTok." says my friend S.

They told me that you can also see what TikTok videos people have created by clicking on the music clip used in a video. You can see all of the videos created that are using that particular song. Très cool, as the French say!

I learned that there's something called "stitches" where you can lump like videos together in a "stitch". There are also TikTok videos that show you how things are made or invented. The list of videos goes on and on.

Here are some of the TikTok hashtags my friends told me they currently follow or look for:

  • Invent TikTok
  • History TikTok
  • Witchy TikTok
  • Tarot TikTok
  • House renovation TikTok
  • Learn the Korean language in one minute TikTok
  • Learn the French language in one minute TikTok
  • Organization TikTok
  • Kitchen TikTok

I looked up the hashtag #Yakima and found some interesting stuff. Here are five of the ones that caught my eye. Warning: a couple of the videos are doozies.

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