I just saw the movie "Wonder Woman" the other night at Yakima Cinemas, and instead of getting up when the movie ended and the credits started rolling, I sat there paralyzed in my chair.

It wasn't because I was struck with fear, or had "an accident" in my pants. It was because 1) I was bawling over Steve (no spoiler alerts here, sorry); and 2) because I wanted to see the scenes I expected would be there after the movie credits were done scrolling by at a snail's pace.

Normally, I check this website link or this one to see if there are scenes after the credits, but this time, I decided to do it the old school way and watch ALL of them and just be surprised with whatever scenes appeared.

To my dismay, there were no extra scenes at the end of "Wonder Woman." I was quite shocked, actually, and it made me feel really spoiled that I expected some alternate ending to this awesome movie.

Next time, just check the website and save yourself five minutes of sitting there with a blank stare. That is unless you are too busy sobbing at the end of a great movie.


(Sorry, that was a huge spoiler alert.)

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