There have been quite a few friends on my Facebook timeline bragging that they are getting back $125 from Equifax credit reporting company. Apparently, there was a cyberattack on the Equifax computer drives in 2017, but the company hid this news from their nearly 147 million customers. All kinds of customer information were accessed by hackers, including "names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and in some instances driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers" and more, according to the settlement's website page.

I checked the eligibility tool and found that my info was not affected by the hack. It wouldn't have mattered much if it had been-my credit is pretty shot, so the hackers would be extremely disappointed if they tried to get anywhere with my credit identity! The joke would have been on them, ha, ha!

Click on the “Am I Impacted” tool here to see if you are eligible to receive this hefty settlement.

If you have any questions, check out their FAQ page here.

*Customers who were affected by the breach can choose either a one-time payment of $125 or four (4) years of free service.

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