This evil Washington state bug promises to be on its best behavior this Halloween-- unless you are a slug or a snail. It even has a spooky name which makes it the perfect Halloween Bug Mascot: The Devil's Coach Horse Beetle.

Have you ever seen this creepy bug? It likes to hang out in well-watered parks and gardens in our state (plus most of the Western and Southwestern United States). Its yellow "venom" reportedly stinks to high heaven-which is just fine for this "devil".

The scientific species name of the Devil's Coach Horse is Ocypus olens, and you can read all about this "evil" bug here.

Be on the lookout for a long black beetle with dull-looking wings. It likes to bite humans, but only if you get in the way of their hunt for tasty prey. You will know it is about to bite you if it begins to hunch up its body like a scorpion. A scorpion? Yikes!

Please be nice to us this Halloween, you little devil!

"The Devil's Coach Horse? Have you seen this bug galloping through West Valley?" -Brian at Work

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