I know we are a long way from Halloween but can you think of any places in Washington state that you would consider some of the creepiest locations around?

My 10-yr-old daughter Willow is now telling me she wants to grow up and become a paranormal investigator. Actually, what she said that that she wants to become a forensic scientist police officer paranormal investigator/ghost buster. That is a mouthful! She got the idea of becoming a police officer when she was about four years old and watched Zootopia seventy-million times in a row. Then she wanted to be a scientist after messing around with a friend's science kit, and after that she would tell us that she wanted to be a scientist police officer. I informed her that if she became a forensic scientist she could combine the two careers, the idea of which she loved.

After she saw the movie Ghostbusters starring Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy, she shouted from the rooftops that she wanted to be a forensic scientist paranormal investigator.

Here are a few of the places I told her we could go visit and get her "ghost hunting" fix:

  1. Starvation Heights: This heffa poisoned people to death. Wilderness Heights Sanitarium, and from the 1890s until 1912 she rented the attic to patients who had come to experience her cure.
  2. Baby Graves of Tri-Cities: They say you can hear babies crying after midnight!
  3. Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus: Is THIS the Kraken?
  4. The Oxford Saloon
  5. The Blue Banjo (Now Crafted Restaurant)
  6. The Old Train Depot (Now North Town Coffeehouse)

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