I recently saw a headline from one of my colleagues in Texas that was talking about people finding dryer sheets inside their mailboxes. What the heck is THAT about, I wondered.

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I will admit, I skimmed the article to get to the good stuff. If you see a dryer sheet inside a mailbox, you need to leave it ALONE!

They are being put there on purpose to help out the mail people. Our postal workers are sick and tired of finding big ole bugs and whatnot inside our mailboxes so they are taking matters into their own hands. This is apparently a phenomenon striking the nation. Even the Today show was talking about it recently. There was a supervisor at a post office in Oregon who told his employees to help themselves to boxes of dryer sheets on his desk, according to Chris Strickley (who spoke about it on Reddit, then Instagram, and finally to the Today Show).

Bounce Dryer Sheets
via bouncefresh.com

Does it matter what kind of dryer sheets the mail carriers are using? You could probably use any kind of dryer sheet. I prefer the Bounce dryer sheets, but I'm sure Breezy sheets from the Dollar Tree would do the trick.

Breezy Dryer Sheets

What is it about dryer sheets that repel wasps and yellow jacket bugs? Because to them, the dryer sheets STINK, that's why! What they have against a fresh linen scent, we'll never know. Now that we know this, perhaps we could put a sheet or two inside our mailbox and save our postal peeps the trouble. We are grateful for all that they do for us, "rain, snow, sleet, or shine"!

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