I cannot wait until it is safe enough to start road tripping again. I want to take my 9-year-old daughter around the state of Washington so that she can get to know its geography better.

I don't recall what grade I was in before they started hammering us kids with geographical facts, but I think 3rd grade is as great a time as any to get acquainted with your home state, don't you?

Our conversation went a little something like this...

Me: Willow, I can't wait to take you road tripping in Washington state so that we can go visit places you've never been before--


M: No! Wait! I said, places in WASHINGTON state!

W: Oh man! I wish Japan was in Washington state!

Kids, I tell ya, kids!

One of the places I would love to take Willow to see is the oldest city in Washington-- Steilacoom. I have never been there and have barely even heard of it. In the year 1851, a sea captain named the city after its local Native American tribe.

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